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Today, hits a milestone in business to consumer conversations over WhatsApp.

For a few years now, WhatsApp has been the must have channel for engagement. A WhatsApp chatbot has many benefits for businesses as WhatsApp still stands as the number one preference in messaging apps. The various WhatsApp message templates, non-transactional push notifications and click-to-WhatsApp campaign features have further enhanced the customer experience. With a WhatsApp chatbot, over 300 of our clients have effectively scaled up their engagement. Now we’re taking the engagement to a more holistic level, with in-chat payments powered by SETU. Yes, this is all about making your conversations count and driving more value from your engagements.

In partnership with SETU, we’re enabling payments on WhatsApp!

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While there are many benefits of a WhatsApp chatbot, here are the top 3 benefits of closing the loop of engagement with transactions.

Collections made fast: WhatsApp is more efficient in driving collections compared to the conventional SMS and email reminders, which are expensive and are also known to have poor conversion rates (less than 3%).

Reminders made to work: Rather than hoping for timely payment, be proactive and drive your business goals with early reminders!

Talk money, in their language: No more messages being lost in translation. That too when it’s about money. Converse with your customers in regional languages, without having to additionally train the bots.

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See how payments collection on WhatsApp is beneficial for the Insurance Sector.

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