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Aavi Mathaun

WhatsApp Business API is gaining demand more now during times of COVID-19 since the lockdown has compelled digital transactions. The conversational experience on WhatsApp between brands, consumers, distributors needs to be seamless as more organizations quickly latch on to WhatsApp Business API. If you’re still new to the API, you can read more about it here. 

Earlier, we covered Interactive Message Templates by WhatsApp Business API, a message format that allows adding custom made buttons to the conversation, thus distinguishing between texts and call - to - action objects. Today, let’s deep delve into message templates used for creating WhatsApp Media Campaigns.

What is a Message Template?

A WhatsApp message template is nothing, but certain formats provided by WhatsApp Business API used by businesses to communicate with people. We use them to send out push messages (notifications) or for customer support. While notifications are permissible only if they meet specific conditions, today we discuss how it’s made, what kinds of messages can exist, and its benefits.

Benefits of Media Templates

1. Decreased cart abandonment or drop-offs

Interactive message template Yellow Messenger WhatsApp Business API

With the help of visual promotions and a distinctive call to action objects, the prospect can make better buying decisions, leaving no room for doubts.

2. Upselling and cross-selling

upsell and cross-sell yellow messenger

Our smart virtual assistants help with data-driven product suggestions

3. Drive conversions without increasing overhead

We can reuse a template once created and approved by WhatsApp in multiple campaigns. 

reuse predefined templates
Choose from pre-defined, approved templates and reuse anytime

4. Aid smart product discovery. 

The virtual assistant can learn consumer patterns to suggest the right product at the right time.

5. Self-serve document submission and review.

self-serve customers yellow messenger

Allow document submission, evaluation, approval followed by notifying the recipient of the status.

6. Billing, payments, tickets through interactive messages

WhatsApp For Business API

From lead to loyal customer; provide enhanced customer experience to gain long-term users.

Type of Messages

Media messages go beyond the standard message type to share rich content with your recipients. We can create the following messages.

- Text messages

- Media Messages (Document, Video, Image)

- Other Messages (Contact, Location)

- Interactive Media Messages

WhatsApp usually takes only 2 days to approve your Whatsapp template

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Building a media template

All message templates are created in your Facebook Business Manager Account and prior to being used, they’re reviewed by WhatsApp for policy compliance. 

Header: When adding the media message template, you need to select the “message template type” as media under the header. Once you have selected “media message template”, fresh fields will pop up. Media messages support video (.mp4) / images (.png, .jpg) and documents (.pdf). However, there is a cap on the size which is 25mb.

Media Message Template WhatsApp Business API
A message template comprises 3 components - Header, Body, Footer

Body: Add the text that will accompany your media file. The body can comprise numbers like {0}, {1} and so on, depending on the number of parameters we wish to pass.

Footer (optional): We can use this section for disclaimers or similar content. Variables in the text aren’t allowed in the body or the footer.

Getting Started With Your WhatsApp Media Campaign

WhatsApp For Business API with Yellow Messenger
Mapping the media

Once WhatsApp has approved your message template, you can get it up and running via Yellow Messenger and let the smart virtual assistant handle the execution. To get started, one must go to the visual bot builder growth module and head to the campaign tab. 

  • Select the channel as WhatsApp and put in your desired name and description for the campaign.
  • Select the target audience and the segment.
  • Select the template by providing details of the approved template (from Facebook Business Manager)
  • Add 'Template Name', 'Content', 'Namespace', 'Parameters', 'Language' for the template.
  • Check the 'Media Template' checkbox and select the type (image/document/video) as per the approved template. Then, check on the media template added.
  • Next, we must map all the parameters to the template under Map Columns. This is where dynamic parameters and the media of choice is inserted.
  • Media can be uploaded from the device or can be sourced from a particular URL.

Post this, we can run the WhatsApp campaign. The campaign results in decreased spends on marketing yet increased ROI from the budget spent. Transactions are smoother and save time and money. With Yellow Messenger’s smart virtual assistants and WhatsApp Business, API organizations have been able to drive efficiency and quality resolutions across business functions.
Considering this catastrophic situation, we partnered with Bizom’s retailer app and distribution management systems to bring brands closer to their consumers. Consumers and retailers can use the service to order from their favorite brands directly.

Would you like to explore WhatsApp Business API for your enterprise? Connect with us. Drop us a mail or let Billy know!

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