How to Leverage Chatbots for Customer Support

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’By 2020,  around 85% of all customer interactions will be handled without any human help’’ -Gartner

On most contemporary websites, a small chat icon pops up, offering to help you with your queries. With the kind of digital revolution going on, one should be surprised if they aren’t greeted by such AI conversationalists. People prefer quicker solutions and conventional call centers fail to provide the desired results in a time-bound manner. It takes quite a lot of time to retrieve the specific data & information and get back to the customer. This lag causes frustration and customers end up highly dissatisfied. This could negatively affect the organization, for customers tend to promote a product based on the quality of service they experience during the purchase.

At the same time, call center agents answer 70% of repeated queries every day. Monotonous work can seriously affect their work-life balance and increase the attrition rate of an enterprise and also diminishing its productivity.

To ensure that your customers receive the best first point of contact service and your employees are free to concentrate on value-added activities, you should definitely consider investing in a chatbot!

Yellow Messenger has successfully deployed multiple customer support chatbots across different channels for many leading companies. Some of them are Bajaj Finserv, Bajaj Allianz, Kent, HDFC ERGO, Adani Electricity, MG motors, Tresemme and many more global brands. Let’s look at what Yellow Messenger’s chatbot can do to revamp your customer support department. 

Conversations - anytime, anywhere

We hear about the grueling night shifts in call centers. Sleep-deprived employees are not an organization’s goals. This is where our chatbots come into the picture. They are available 24*7 - no weekends or holidays! Digital assistants ensure that your customers get round-the-clock guidance, support & nurturing.  Your customers are sure to feel good if their queries are addressed immediately. Do not forget that happy customers are the linchpin to an enterprise’s success. 

Easy hand-overs

Call center queries are not rocket science, but at times some complex questions do leave chatbots befuddled. Our bots are trained to grasp this gracefully and transfer the conversation to a live human agent to solve the query. Smart agent management is one of our digital assistant’s specialties. 

Languages are not a barrier

We believe that conversations shouldn’t be disrupted by any barriers. Languages play a crucial role, we understand that. Every enterprise’s aim is to expand beyond geographical limitations and win customers, with that comes the baggage of supporting multiple languages. It’s impossible to have a support team that can handle queries in different native languages. This is where our digital assistants come in handy. 

 Our chatbots can be trained in 106 languages. So, we’ve got you covered. All you have to do is intimate us of the languages you need the bot to converse in and consider it done! 

Omnipresent support

Be it your office, home, train, or anywhere in the network coverage zone, our bots are readily available 24*7 at your disposal. Customers can access the bot via Whatsapp, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Facebook, Slack, Telegram, IVR, Website, etc. 

We would like to remind you that no matter what medium you use, or what language you converse in, conversations remain conversations. They have the power to break or make anything. AI-powered Digital Assistants are no less than any conversation specialist you come across. They can empower people and steer them towards what they want.

Yellow Messenger is a leading CX Automation Platform helping businesses to build chatbots and voicebots to automate support, sales, marketing, HR, ITSM, in 100+ languages, across 35+ channels

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