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Interactive Message Templates For WhatsApp Business Accounts

What's new?

Today, WhatsApp Business rolled out a new feature called the interactive message template which goes beyond the standard Whatsapp message template and media message template types. As the name suggests, this feature allows one to include interactive components to messaging like a button. WhatsApp Business Account users can now build two types of predefined buttons:

  1. Call-To-Action: This one enables users to either call a phone number or visit a website.
  2. Quick-reply: Users can respond with a simple text message

These buttons can be attached to text messages or media messages. Post-development, the interactive message templates need to be sent for approval. If approved, you can use them in Whatsapp notification messages as well as customer service/care messages.

Benefits of Interactive Message Template

1. Enhanced Customer Experience
Interactive Message Template

As the image shows, this is a 10X improvement on the Customer Experience front. Previously, users would have to type out the option that they wanted to choose among the ones that were provided by the enterprise. If the user replies with an ambiguous answer or an option that is not accounted for (an exception) then the journey would essentially have to restart, pretty much like choosing an incorrect option on a customer support IVR only to realize that you would have to call them back and get back in the queue. This didn’t resonate with customers used to web 2.0. With Interactive Message Templates, enterprises can prompt users to take desirable actions, in a way most suitable to them.


2. Easily direct customers to the right place at the right time

Interactive message templates for WhatsApp Business API

Do you want your customers to call you? Or visit a web-page? It’s simply one tap away now. With Interactive Message Templates, you can direct your customers to take the desired action. Users can smoothly transition from one medium to another without wasting time, waiting for information, or switching between many channels. These buttons can direct the customer exactly where you’d want them to go.
For marketers, this is a way to track the user journey for the purpose of modifications that can enhance the customer experience. WhatsApp is becoming the one-stop-shop for all consumer needs from connecting, conversing to then converting into a loyal user. The entire process of browsing to buying and repeating is all possible on WhatsApp. One can browse through catalogues, place an order, track the order and perhaps even modify it, depending on your business module. This is a boon especially from a user perspective because no one likes having multiple applications on the device.

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3. Deliver a consistent experience across text automation channels

Today users are engaging with brands across platforms. Consumers switch between Web chat, FB Messenger chat, and WhatsApp seamlessly. Moreover, they expect brands to retain context and experience. With Interactive Message Templates for WhatsApp Business accounts, you can now provide a consistent experience across all text automation channels you deploy.


TL;DR. Here's a 4-min video explainer of the feature

WhatsApp Business API is going to release more sophisticated features. However, the utilization of this API is not public. This is a limited access interface and only about 90 companies in the world have the integration. Hence, getting access to the API automatically could make your organization jump off the books.

If your enterprise has still not adopted WhatsApp for Business, this is for you:

Today, WhatsApp has around 2 billion active users across 180 countries out of the 190 without investing a dime in advertising. Besides this, the WhatsApp status alone hosts 450 million daily active users! They’ve rolled out interesting features since then, for example, the voice messaging (2013), Web App (2015), and WhatsApp Pay (2018). As of today, WhatsApp Pay has partnered with Reliance Jio to bring local stores online. Therefore, WhatsApp Business API is a pivotal step to connect with users from all over the world, in a faster and simpler manner. It broadens the horizon for variegated businesses around the globe, right off the bat. This is especially true for Indian and Brazilian markets since these countries have the largest WhatsApp user base in the world. Top it off, by 2025, 4 out of 5 mobile connections will be smartphones.

WhatsApp Business API features

Using a personal account for businesses isn’t a viable option. It can get mind-numbingly tough to manage the messages too. In order to use WhatsApp for your business, you can take the following three paths -

  • WhatsApp Business app (for small businesses)
  • WhatsApp Business API (for enterprises)
  • WhatsApp Business Solution Providers

Once you’ve got a WhatsApp Business Account, you’ll be able to converse with people in various ways, at any time, in any language. One can expand omnichannel support to customers with WhatsApp Business account. Some of its features are as follows - 

  • Formatted text messages
  • Media messages (audio, video, document, image, stickers)
  • Other Message Types (contact and location)
  • Group messages
  • Media message templates

Would you like to transform your enterprise’ customer experience with WhatsApp? Drop us a mail at [email protected]"

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