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Frequently Asked Questions on WhatsApp Chatbot Integration

What is WhatsApp chatbot?

WhatsApp chatbot is a software program that runs on an encrypted WhatsApp platform. WhatsApp users can communicate with a chatbot through the chat interface similar to talking to a real person.

Does Yellow Messenger help in the WhatsApp Business API application process?

Yes. Once you sign up for Yellow Messenger WhatsApp business API solution, our team will ask you to submit the required information and progress with the application process on your behalf. The entire process usually lasts up to 7 days.

Can we create conversational ads on WhatsApp?

Promotional templates are not allowed by WhatsApp. Alternatively, you can add a call-to-action button to your ad on Facebook, Instagram and other platforms that will open in WhatsApp. Audiences can engage with you on WhatsApp after clicking your ad.

What are WhatsApp templates which are considered promotional as per WhatsApp?

Advertising, marketing, or promotional messages are not permitted. Some examples of this include the following:
1. Offering coupon codes and/or free gifts
2. Upselling
3. Sending a survey or poll to collect data
4. Inclusion of certain words or phrases that make the message template promotional
Apart from this, any Whatsapp Templates containing any potentially abusive or threatening content will get rejected.

How does Yellow Messenger help with the WhatsApp Business API application process?

Yellow Messenger’s partnership with WhatsApp ensures zero wait time to get your business account verified and our Conversational AI Platform delivers smart conversations from day one.

How long does it take for WhatsApp Business API to start functioning?

It takes around 2-3 weeks for the WhatsApp Business API to start functioning but it can vary depending on the use cases and API integrations opted.

Can I start designing my bot before my WhatsApp API access is approved?

Yellow Messenger’s platform allows you to build and test your WhatsApp chatbot before your API application gets approved.

Do you provide WhatsApp bot tutorials?

Yes, Yellow Messenger provides a demo video explaining all the use cases of the bot, as well as our support team is available 24/7 for any clarification.

Does Yellow Messenger use AI in the WhatsApp Chatbots?

Yellow Messenger gives WhatsApp bot service embedded with AI NLP-driven technology using the Yellow Messenger’s Cognitive Platform.

Is it possible to create a WhatsApp bot for group chat?

The bot can create groups on its own and send out Whatsapp notification in the group. In case you wish to chat with the Chatbot, you can just type @ChatbotName followed by your query, and you will get the answer you were seeking. The limit of the group is 125 members, which is set by WhatsApp.

Without code can the WhatsApp bot be created?

Yes, a simple FAQ bot can be created on WhatsApp without any code. If the use case is complex, we need to rely on code or if it is just a FAQ bot, no need of code.

Is it possible to create FAQs for WhatsApp bot for faster navigation?

Yes, a simple FAQ Whatsapp chatbot can be created in no time, as no coding is required. With the help of Yellow Messenger’s cognitive platform, you can have your WhatsApp Business API up and running within 24hours.

How does human takeover work? What if no agents are live?

Mainly, you are the one who chooses the conditions of the takeover. You can choose to send agents notifications about incoming messages or, if they are offline or busy, offer users to book an appointment at a later time alternatively The bot will respond with an apology message that no agents are available right now, can you please check between 8 am to 6 pm. We can also raise a ticket so that agents can respond WHEN they come back online.

How long does it take for the WhatsApp Business API Verification process?

It takes 1-2 days for the WhatsApp Business API Verification process. Yellow Messenger’s partnership with WhatsApp ensures zero wait time to get your business account verified and our Conversational AI Platform delivers smart conversations from the day.

Any Analytics for the WhatsApp chatbot is provided?

The following analytics are provided for WhatsApp Business API:
1. Message Delivery Reports: Information when the message was delivered to
2. Message Seen Reports: Information when the message was read in the WhatsApp Application.
3. Number of Users: Total number of users actively using the Chatbot
4. Total Messages: Total number of messages received.
5. Average Session Time: Interaction time of the user with the Chatbot
6. Custom Analytics: If the Enterprise needs custom analytics, that is also provided by Yellow Messenger

Where can we display QR code for WhatsApp?

Enterprises can use Whatsapp QR codes to invite conversation over WhatsApp. It can be displayed on your website, banners, digital ads, Facebook page, newspaper, product, basically, anywhere you can imagine.

How does Digital Ad to a conversational landing page works?

The way this use case works is, digital advertisements will be embedded on a website or a social channel. A potential consumer will click on that ad and he/she will be redirected to WhatsApp messenger where the conversations will be engaged.

What type of content can be sent using WhatsApp Chatbot?

You can send and receive text messages, audio content, URL, location information, images, videos, stickers as well as any document in any format. You can even send and receive emoticons, and the bot can capture user sentiments with the help of these emoticons.

Can the enterprise CRM be integrated with the WhatsApp chatbot?

Enterprises can connect their CRMs like salesforce, Freshsales, and Billing and Invoicing Software with the WhatsApp Chatbot on the Yellow Messenger platform easily.

What does it mean to be the WhatsApp partner?

Typically WhatsApp Business API verification and template takes a week. Our partnership with WhatsApp ensures zero wait time to get your business account verified and our Conversational AI Platform delivers smart conversations from day one.

What are the different ways we can take the user opt-in?

Enterprise can take user opt-in on their website during account creation for their customers, or paper form, or SMS or on Phone Calls (IVR, etc)

Is the WhatsApp Chatbot provided supports multilingual capabilities?

Yes, Yellow Messenger provided WhatsApp Chatbot has multilingual support.

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