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By introducing WhatsApp Chatbot, WhatsApp opens the floodgates for businesses to automate every repetitive customer-facing business interaction with no human intervention. With WhatsApp Chatbot, businesses can generate leads, gain customers, handle orders, and provide customer service all on autopilot.

With over 65 billion messages being sent every day, it is the most perfect tool to reach 1.9 billion users worldwide in the most natural way - instant messaging. Using WhatsApp, brands can become more accessible to a larger group of people being the most used and trusted platform.

What is WhatsApp Chatbot?

WhatsApp Chatbot is a software that runs on the encrypted WhatsApp Business API platform. A chatbot can be integrated into the business account with the help of one of the trusted WhatsApp partners like Yellow Messenger. Using the WhatsApp platform, WhatsApp users can engage with a business chatbot through the chat interface. The chatbot can be integrated with the help of WhatsApp Business API.  APIs provide the ability to connect to the core systems to drive conversations with the customers.

Already the number of users has crossed the mark of 3 million users. 

Yellow messenger offers WhatsApp for Business as a Managed Service integrated with the Yellow messenger cloud platform. It includes the configuration of a dedicated WhatsApp Business Account for each sender.

Creating WhatsApp Chatbot in 10 easy steps

Infographic - WhatsApp Chatbot

Client to Create Facebook Business Manager Account

But if the Business does not have a Facebook Business Manager account, this is how they can create one:

1. Creating Facebook Business Manager Account

Facebook Business Manager

  • Enter the details as asked on the page.
  1. Your Business name, 
  2. Your name
  3. The business email address you want to use to manage your Facebook Business Manager account.

And then just click NEXT

create business manager account

  • You will be directed to another page asking for more details about your business. Just fill the following details up, and click SUBMIT. 
  1. Business Address
  2. Phone Number
  3. Website URL
  4. Use of account

add your business details

  • The Business email address provided will receive an email with the subject line “Confirm your business email.” Within the message, click Confirm Now.

And Voila! 

The account is created. 

2.  Clients shares Business Manager Identification Code

Post the Business or per se our client has created the Business Manager account, the client has to share the Business Manager Identification code with us along with the following details:

  • WhatsApp Number (To be connected with the chatbot)
  • Set of message templates
  • WhatsApp Bot engagement use cases
  • About Business (WhatsApp Status)
  • Logo: 1:1 aspect ratio
  • Address
  • Business Description
  • Business Category
  • Contact Email
  • Website URL
  • WhatsApp Account name (to be displayed to the end-user) 

whatsapp business account dashboard on yellow messenger

Post the client has shared these details with us, We as a BSP have the access to create a WhatsApp Business Account for the clients. 

A request from our Facebook Business Manager is sent to the client for creating a WhatsApp account on their behalf.

3. Clients Approves the request 

The client has to accept the request for creating a WhatsApp account by Yellow Messenger by going to the request tab on their Business Manager Account. 

4. Client Completes Business verification

The Client has to verify their Business, by going to the Security tab on their Business Manager Account and giving all the information as asked and documents verifying the business. The documents required can be checked here.

5. WhatsApp reviews the Account 

WhatsApp reviews the documents provided by the client/Business and Approves/rejects based on commerce policy.

6. Yellow Messenger Add WhatsApp Phone number 

Now we will add the client’s WhatsApp Business number, Name, etc - the details that will appear on the WhatsApp account. We add these details to Yellow Messenger’s Cognitive engagement cloud platform. 

This dashboard access is given to Client/Business as well. So, they can edit their details as per their requirements.

7. WhatsApp Approves/rejects the Display name associated with the account

WhatsApp post going through the documentation and cross-checking the details provided by the client and us approve/reject the Display name and template. If they approve the account, they generate a certificate at our Business Manager under the client’s name. That we use to create Infra(the bridge between Chatbot and WhatsApp account)

8. Yellow Messenger Creates Infra

Post verification, a certificate is generated, this would help us create WhatsApp infra at our end, to integrate the bot we created parallelly on our platform. As mentioned earlier Infra acts as a bridge between our Chatbot and WhatsApp. Message routing, ticket generation, etc gets routed by this Infra.

We create the Infra on our Platform by giving the following details:

  • Business/Client’s Name
  • Country Code
  • Phone Number
  • Certificate code

Infra acts as a bridge between our Chatbot and WhatsApp

9. Connect to the bot.

Once the Infra is created we have to verify the phone number that will be linked with the infra by sending an OTP to the phone number and authenticating it. OTP can be received via SMS or voice call.

Our platform is designed to make the life of our developers a little easier, they just go to the channel integration on the Bot Id and click on WhatsApp and add the account and just give the Client/Business number. And the account is connected to our platform.

10. Applies for Green tick if required. 

As a BSP we can apply for a verified account, that is an account with a green tick. Facebook approves/rejects requests based on their eligibility criteria.

Post the tariff and the requirement is taken, the development of the bot starts parallelly in our developer’s beehive. This is a part coding and part done with Yellow Messenger’s flow builder. Building the bot is a parallel process at Yellow Messenger on our platform, much before the verification process is complete, to save the client’s time and deploy the bot within 2-3 weeks or fewer depending on the requirements. 

Also in case,  if the Client/Business does not have any CRM, we provide our AI integrated agent dashboard, to keep track of all tickets and conversations.


Yellow Messenger AI integrated agent dashboard, to keep track of all tickets and conversations

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