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A brand is defined by the customer’s experience. The experience is delivered by your employees

- Shep Hyken

For businesses of any type and size it’s crucial to provide delightful customer experience every single time considering the cut throat competition out there. Having a highly efficient customer support team to address the customers is very important. Empowering the customer support agents and making them stay productive at low cost is also a challenge to the business owners. Yellow messenger’s conversational AI platform helps you to set up your customer support thereby increasing customer satisfaction and productive employees.

Omni-channel support system

As the businesses spread across the channels, customer queries can come from anywhere. Having a single customer support software to address customers from your website, Facebook, WhatsApp or SMS boosts businesses. Omni-channel platform saves time from navigating across multiple tools and tracking those queries under a single roof promises efficiency.

Quick response to customers 

88% of customers expect a response from your business within 60 minutes

Yellow messenger platform connects the user with the support agents in < 1 second. Tickets are assigned to the agents based on the availability, reducing the need for the user to wait until agents respond. A hassle free simple process is available which notifies the agents that there is a ticket raised.

Greet your customers in your style

First impression is the best impression.  

Yellow messenger provides a way to leave the brand identity of every business with their customers. Greet your customer first in your style; in your way with a short welcome message when they keep waiting for their queries to be addressed. 

Speak in your customer’s language

Yellow messenger platform can handle multilingual customer queries. We support 55+ languages. Customer queries can be responded using images, files, audio / video or even emojis.

Automate as much as possible to help your agents stay productive   

  • Automate the FAQs of the customer

Talk to the customer support agent of any business to know how he is frustrated about repeating the same tasks every time which can be easily automated.

“What are the documents I should submit for application” 

“Am I eligible for this insurance coverage” 

“It’s COVID-19 now! Can you increase my grace period to repay the loan?”  

Customer support agents might find themselves tired to repeat the plain answers every single time to every other customer. This is where you can disrupt conversational AI technology, where conversational chatbot helps to provide solutions to FAQs of the customers.  Support agents can focus on the actual problems, staying active and productive all the time making the customers happy. 

  • Automate the workflows which needs a lookup at the DB or a document

All agents are neither happy to search the excel sheets of data to provide responses to the customers nor the database to track the order status. 

Yes, you read it right! 

Checking the order status need not be done by the support agents. After the responses are sent to the customers, the automated workflow is back to the control of the agents with less effort and he can continue responding to customers further as well. Yellow messenger platform has capabilities to switch between automated and manual work flow with ease and effectiveness.

  • Pre-defined templates to answer queries instead of typing lengthy responses

If the agent has to reply with lengthy messages repeatedly, they may miss out on something or the other. To make them efficient, pre-defined templates which adhere to the brand guidelines can be set up for agents to use and saves time.   

Empower the agents with the access to the information

To resolve customer queries, let agents have access to the knowledge base. Let the agents can also have options like 

  • notes 
  • notifications  
  • tags 

Where they can mark additional information required to resolve the customer queries and also come back to those resolved tickets for future verification or clarifications. It will help them collaborate with other teams and get the right direction in resolving the customer queries. Yellow messenger can be integrated with other productivity tools your business uses like Zoho or JIRA board to work on the customer issues in-depth.

Know your team’s strengths

No human is the same, everyone has their strengths and expertise. Let the agents solve the customer problems that mattered to them, the most, based on the expertise they bring in and add value to the business. Yellow messenger’s support agent platform provides skill based ticket assignment solutions.

Let the team help each other 

When an agent is not able to proceed with the customer query, let them not get stuck; let the customer query not go unattended. We provide a solution to transfer the ticket to other live agents or the agent superiors to take it up further.   

We know you serve the customers round the clock

We have a seamless ticket assignment process for the customer support teams that work in shifts / across different time zones, thereby ensuring there is always continuity in serving the customers and responding to their queries at the fraction of second. 

We also know you are away sometimes

Don’t worry when you have a long holiday or unavoidable situations like COVID-19 when the customer support teams are not available to respond to customer queries. We provide you the right solutions to queue and track all the tickets when you are offline. Also, we have a gracious way of informing the customers you are offline too.

Real time information is power

Getting real time information is the key to making business decisions. Yellow messenger support agent platform comes with essential metrics that mattered the most. Some are - 

  • how many queries flow-in and get resolved, 
  • how the agents respond to them 
  • How many agents are online 
  • What are the queries mostly related to
  • Where are the queries majorly from

Get the instant feedback from your customers

Yellow messenger support platform enables your customers to rate your service and the experience with the customer support team with the CSAT feedback survey. The instant feedback helps you to act upon the issues and proactively prevent it for other customers.

Measure the ROI 

Having invested on an intelligent conversational AI platform, it’s time to relax and measure the ROI and increased productivity. 

Yellow messenger platform provides you the performance report of your customer support team.  It includes - 

  • Number of tickets assigned
  • Number of tickets closed
  • First response time 
  • Average handling time 
  • Average CSAT rating for the tickets handled by each agent.  

On top of this, the yellow messenger platform can also provide custom analytics reports for each business. Yellow messenger caters to needs of the business of all sizes, be it start-ups or enterprise and with other marketing solutions like campaign managers it serves as a complete platform for your business and marketing needs. 


Abinaya Gomathi is the Customer Product Manager for South East Asia region. Focused in providing better user experiences with Conversational AI solutions for the businesses. Besides, work you can see her drawing and reading books.

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