7 Ways Chatbots are Influencing the Education Industry

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With the onset of the pandemic, the need for business process automation increased tenfold. From companies experimenting with new AI-enabled technologies to adapting it for all repetitive work became the norm. The child of AI experiments- Chatbot, the conversational AI bot that engages with the user to provide solutions to their query in a personalized humanoid manner - is seen being implemented for all customer support domains. Becoming one of the key steps in business continuity planning. Following this trend is the education industry. Education is one of the oldest industries, on which any society’s economic and social wellbeing is based. Because of the pandemic, most of the schools were seen closing down, and online classes became our normal life. To help make the newly implemented systems more efficient, Educational Chatbots can be used. Educational Chatbots, built to improve student interaction and collaboration, became a game-changer in the innovation Ed-tech world.

37% of students use a educational chatbot to get a quick answer!

Yellow Messenger’s voice and video calling feature help students for organizing a class or in scenarios where personal staff presence is required for better understanding or clarity. But as it is a bot, it gives the first level of support by showing FAQs, transactional information like fee payment, etc.

There might be some student issues where voice or video calls are not required.  In those cases, the AI enabled chatbots can also ask the relevant questions to intelligently route to the department or professor.

Students prefer personalized interactive learning. AI-powered learning tools like chatbots or intelligent virtual assistants are bringing this learning experience to the hand of every student. In this article, we explore 7 applications of Chatbot in the education industry and how they are influencing the educational platform.

7 Applications of Chatbots in the educational Industry


1. Learning Experience - Students and Technology

The young one's today are growing with tablets in their hands. And AI seems to have become a common word in this world. Using AI advancement with nurturing personalized teaching tools helps in preparing kids for the wider world. And understand its application in the real world.

Long Lectures can be sent out in the form of text messages or snippets of voice or video messages to make it interactive.

This whole generation is glued to their phones. Whenever they want to communicate with other students or teachers or even research a topic, they can switch to their instant messaging application and access the virtual assistant. Students can get their doubt clarified with the help of an educational virtual assistant. 

Won’t that save a lot of time? And not just for students, but also for the teachers!

2. Student-Teacher’s Engagement

Students rather than calling teachers, institute helpline numbers, or sending out long emails, can use the rather familiar instant messaging platform to access their study virtual assistant to get answers to their questions or connect with their professors over messaging or voice/video call. And all of this is possible by deploying an Intelligent Virtual Assistant on the institute’s website, app, and even the most popular messaging application WhatsApp!

arya byjus educational chatbots

India itself has 250 million school going students, that’s a lot compared to any other country. And if we include people who seek higher skill education and test preparation courses, the number of students can exceed more than a few billion worldwide. Handling such high numbers and processes with fewer resources becomes a bottleneck leading to an inefficient engagement between students, staff, and administration.

3. Proactive Task Management

With the help of our natural language processing and cognitive learning, educational chatbots can suggest the most suited course to the student, based on the student’s answer. Education counselor's time can be utilized for special cases. Misuse of counselors and students' time mostly in back and forth emailing/calling is reduced.

4. Course Schedule

With this pandemic and advancement of artificial intelligent technology, one thing became evident - for learning, and for most of the work, it does not need our physical presence. Distance education is seen opted by most students, and normal classes also took the route on our laptop. All the scheduling and reminder of classes, if we get on your favorite Edtech application or WhatsApp chatbot or Facebook messenger. Won’t that be great?

schedule classes via educational virtual assistant

And it is possible by deploying a chatbot over any platform so that the bot does not just send you a calendar reminder and a gentle message reminder. Yellow Messenger’s Video/Voice Bot can send out a voice reminder for classes, so you don’t miss any class.

5. Application Management

A chatbot can help students to apply for a course and check its application status right in WhatsApp chatbots, website virtual assistants, or Facebook messenger. Students can just ask the bot voice bot or use the all too familiar instant messaging platforms to access the chatbot.

students application management via whatsapp chatbot

6. Customer Support - 24/7

A chatbot can save up to 30% cost in customer support by taking care of repetitive queries and freeing up the support’s resources and time for special cases. Most importantly, a chatbot is active 24/7/365 - so no query or lead goes unanswered.

Yellow Messenger’s educational chatbot is available in 55+ languages, providing a personalized experience to all users - students, teachers, support staff alike

7. Insights and Analytics

Yellow Messenger’s intelligent virtual assistant is equipped with the best NLP developed in the market, developed in-house. It understands the user's intent through conversation and provides insights to the institute.

educational institutes analytics and insights via chatbots

The high use of ai enabled chatbots and virtual assistants in our everyday life has changed the way we absorb content. With the help of a chatbot, educators can provide a personalized learning environment for students. Where AI-powered Chatbots and Voicebots can make the learning experience more engaging, it can also help facilitate the teaching process and reduce administrative load.

Connect with Intelligent Virtual assistants or chatbots experts for educational institute process automation.

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